Air Duct Cleaning

Odor removal in Lincoln

At Althouse Steam Cleaning we specialize in carpet steam cleaning, commercial cleaning, pet odor and stain removal, and air duct cleaning. Our team of trained and insured professionals guarantee top quality work at a fair price. We work hard to make sure that your carpet looks as good as it did the first day you bought it.

Air duct cleaning

Yearly use of your heating and cooling system means that your air ducts can get clogged with dust and debris. This compromises not just the air quality in your house or business but also the HVAC system's efficiency. We offer residential and commercial air duct cleaning services because we know the importance of clean air and an efficient HVAC system.

Reasonable pricing for air duct cleaning

At Althouse Steam Cleaning, our team members take the time to painstakingly clean your air ducts. We want to make sure that our services are as valuable to you as they are to us. We offer fair pricing for all air duct cleaning, regardless of the size of the job. We work with each client to make sure they are happy and will come back to us time and time again. Call us today to schedule an appointment at your convenience. 

Investment for the future

Air duct cleaning is an investment in your health. The particles and build up of dust that occurs in your air ducts can significantly affect the quality of the air you breathe. In addition, air duct cleaning is an important investment in your HVAC system itself. HVAC systems are expensive to replace and repair. Cleaning your air ducts helps extend the life of your HVAC system by allowing it to operate efficiently and for longer periods of time.
Equipment used for odor removal in Lincoln, NE
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